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The Story of Heraldin kennel

Heraldin kennel was born out of love for dogs. My family had its first dog in the beginning of the eighties, a lovely english setter dog called Poika (Black Shadow Tuulenpoika). This wonderful male was a perfect company for my father and was loved by the whole family. Soon Poika had company, an english setter female called Muska (Tuliketun Music of jug). My father started his breeding from this typical, gentle female and Heraldin story was born.

We bred english setters and black and silver miniature schnauzers from early nineties to 2008.

Then we took some time of breeding.

In 2017 my long time dream of owning a sighthound became reality, when I got my first italian sighthound Irma (Corde Forum Romanum). She is a classic beauty, from classical French and Italian lines. The Heraldin name was transferred to me as my father retired from breeding and so Heraldin hounds story had its beginning.

Today Heraldin team has eight members: italian sighthounds Terttu, Nilla, Agnes,Sibi and Hilma and azawakhs Laila, Tyyne and Ivo.

Jukka Ruotsalainen

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